Devaraja Reddy N J
Devaraja Reddy N J
Devaraja Reddy N J
🏭 Geo Rain Water Board, Chitradurga
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Meet N.J. Devaraja Reddy, GRWB's chief consultant with over 30 years of experience in hydrogeology. His work focuses on sustainable groundwater extraction from rainwater and water conservation. Take advantage of the opportunity to connect and learn.
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About Devaraja Reddy N J

Meet Dr. N. J Devaraj Reddy, a seasoned geologist with a remarkable talent for borewell rejuvenation. With over 25,000 successfully restored borewells, he's hailed as a borewell recharge expert. This Chitradurga native has gained renown across Karnataka for his accomplishments. Driven by his adventurous spirit, he invested significantly in revitalizing borewells, rekindling water sources...

... for parched fields and distressed farmers.He emphasizes the significance of borewell recharge and imparts practical wisdom on how to achieve it. Through his expertise and comprehensive understanding, he has not only accomplished borewell recharge but also imparts training in this field. Dr. Reddy stands as a beacon of borewell revival, ensuring water security for countless communities.

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