G Nandisha
G Nandisha
G Nandisha
🏭 Nandisha Farm, Chikballapur
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Meet Nandish, a visionary in sugandaraja flower farming. A medical shop owner turned farmer. He transformed half an acre of land into a fragrant flower garden, generating an impressive income. Connect, learn, and grow.
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About G Nandisha

Hailing from Gouribidanoor, Chikkaballapur, Nandish is a remarkable farmer known for his diverse expertise. He's a fruit farmer, flower grower, sheep breeder, and nut cultivator, showcasing his all-round skills in agriculture. With a 6-acre land, he cultivates Sugandharaja flowers, earning 7 lakh per acre. He ventured into sheep farming, now...

... successfully managing over 100 sheep for extra income. Recently, he initiated nut cultivation in 2 acres. Nandish previously grew various seasonal fruits as well. His knowledge spans fruit farming, sheep breeding, flower cultivation, nut farming, and marketing crops at fair prices. Nandish exemplifies how farmers can boost income through hard work and versatility.

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