Gadiraju Venkata Subrahmanya Vara Prasadaraj
Gadiraju Venkata Subrahmanya Vara Prasadaraj
Gadiraju Venkata Subrahmanya Vara Prasadaraj
🏭 Fikana Foods Private Limited, East Godavari
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Meet Venkata Subramanya a visionary behind the renowned paper sweet, Puttareku. With 11 years of expertise, his unyielding commitment to authenticity and quality has brought global recognition to him. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from a master.
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About Gadiraju Venkata Subrahmanya Vara Prasadaraj

In the realm of delectable delights, Putharekulu stands out as a true marvel, often referred to as "paper sweet." Hailing from Atreyapuram in Andhra Pradesh, this delicate confection has earned global acclaim. Gadiraju Venkata Subramania Varaprasadaraju has orchestrated a remarkable journey, steering the manufacturing of Putharekulu for over a decade. His ingenious...

... methods and innovative concepts have not only garnered substantial profits under the banner "Fikana Foods" but also established a thriving online presence. Notably, Prasada Raju's triumph extends beyond sweets; he has flourished in banana, turmeric, kanda, and coconut cultivation. His tale of transforming a home venture into an inspirational success resonates widely.

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