Gandu Ravikumar
Gandu Ravikumar
Gandu Ravikumar
🏭 Gandu Ravikumar's Farm, Kurnool
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Meet Gandu Ravikumar, a farmer from Manchalakatta village with 16 years of experience. Along with managing 5 acres of banana farming successfully, he also cultivates ginger and papaya crops on the remaining land, reaping high profits.
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About Gandu Ravikumar

Gandu Ravi Kumar, despite completing only tenth standard, possesses agricultural knowledge akin to a Ph.D. Unlike typical farmers, he stands out by cultivating various crops simultaneously instead of just one. This has earned him the title of "Agriculture...

... Graduate." For 16 years, he's been farming in Manchalakatta village, Nandyala district, reaping substantial profits. As a renowned successful banana farmer, he's expanded his banana crop over five acres of his twenty-acre land, with ginger and papaya on the rest.

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