Geetha Puttaswamy
Geetha Puttaswamy
Geetha Puttaswamy
🏭 Hotel Hanumanthu, Mysuru / Mysore
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Meet Geetha Puttaswamy, the businesswoman behind Hanumanta Palav Non-Veg Restaurant. As a restaurant owner, she has a lot of experience in the field. Connect with her for invaluable insights.
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About Geetha Puttaswamy

Geetha Puttaswamy, a highly successful businesswoman, is the capable manager of Hanumanta Palav, a renowned non-veg restaurant. She deftly tackles the challenges of operating a well-established business, consistently enhancing its success. Hanumantu Palav Hotel, celebrated for its delectable offerings since 1930, is situated in the historic city of Mysore. Geetha has skillfully overseen the restaurant for many years and has even received the prestigious...

... Women Entrepreneur Anno Award. With 12 branches, Hanumantu Palav has a formidable presence in the restaurant industry. Geetha excels in various aspects of restaurant management, including establishment, design, menu creation, chef selection, technology integration, and online services. Guiding the restaurant industry forward, Geetha has propelled Palav's popularity to unprecedented heights, all while honoring its rich legacy and embracing modern trends.

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