K Srinivasraju
K Srinivasraju
K Srinivasraju
🏭 Surabhi Diary, Bellary / Ballari
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Dairy Farming
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Meet Srinivas Raju, a seasoned Murrah buffalo farmer from Chikkabellari. His passion for cattle led him to create a thriving dairy empire that earned him millions. Join us and learn about buffalo rearing.
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About K Srinivasraju

K Srinivasraju, a seasoned progressive farmer, hailing from Chikkabellari, Siruguppa in Bellary district, has agriculture running in his veins since childhood. After studies, he embraced his roots, starting with buffalo rearing. Beginning with 72 Murrah buffaloes...

... renowned for milk, he now tends to 300. Selling the milk directly and excelling in fish farming, he earns in lakhs. His success radiates, making him an inspiration. Recognizing his feat, he secured the Taluk's Best Farmer Award, a testament to his achievements in agribusiness.

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