K Surendra
K Surendra
K Surendra
🏭 Priya Argo Farm, Kolar
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Meet K. Surendra, a visionary farmer who turned his 6 acres in Kolar into a high-tech agri-farm. His focus on fruits and vegetables led to a remarkable 1.6 lakh per month income. Learn from his success today!
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Fruit Farming
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About K Surendra

K Surendra, a seasoned farmer hailing from Srinivaspur taluk in Kolar district, has a remarkable agricultural journey. Despite being born into a farming family, he ventured into business. Along with his business pursuits, he decided to open an outlet for added income. As a thoughtful gesture, he planted a shade-loving fruit tree in Punganoor Cross workers garden in Srinivaspura taluk to make lunchtime enjoyable. Surprisingly, this decision turned out...

... to be profitable, yielding an impressive income of INR 1.6 lakhs per month Surendra's success story extends beyond the unexpected fruit harvest. He sells his farm produce, in his own outlet and generously imparts farming advice and training to many aspiring farmers. His dedication and innovative thinking has transformed him into a prosperous farmer, bridging the gap between agriculture and business, while benefiting the community with his expertise.

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