K.N. Sunil
K.N. Sunil
K.N. Sunil
🏭 Devi Farms, Bengaluru Rural / Bangalore Rural
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K.N. Sunil is a successful farmer who earns Rs 1.5 crore per year by cultivating vegetables in polyhouse. He has in-depth knowledge of crop selection, marketing, sales and exporting vegetables abroad.
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About K.N. Sunil

Sunil K N, a software engineer from Doddaballapur, is not just a tech professional but also a thriving modern farmer. With expertise in polyhouse vegetable farming, he earns over 1.5 crores annually. Initially starting with a small 1-acre polyhouse, his success led him to expand to 5 acres. Cultivating capsicum,...

... cucumber, and tomatoes, he also excels in flower farming. His exports of capsicum to Bangladesh and flowers to Dubai highlight his skill. With in-depth knowledge, Sunil guides on crop selection, planting, pricing, marketing, and exporting. A true success story, he's a shining example of balancing technology and agriculture.

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