Manasvi Hegde K N
Manasvi Hegde K N
Manasvi Hegde K N
🏭 Farmfresh Organics, Shimoga
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Meet Manasvi Hegde, a thriving entrepreneur who turned adversity into opportunity. From job loss in the pandemic to a thriving business owner, she generates 10 lakhs annually through online and offline ventures. Learn from her journey.
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About Manasvi Hegde K N

Manasvi Hegde, a young entrepreneur. He hails from Kerekoppa near Ulavi in Soraba taluk of Shimoga district. After his studies, he used to work in the hotel industry in Bangalore. But Manasvi Hegde came back to his hometown thinking that he should do something in his hometown and dreamed of building a business. Then they thought of mushroom...

... value addition. Yes, first he started mushroom cultivation, then he started increasing the value of mushrooms as he wanted to earn double the profit. As a result, they have made and sold various products from mushrooms to pickles, cookies, and powder. Their mushroom products are sold not only in retail but also in online and offline markets.

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