N S Venkataramanjaneya Swamy
N S Venkataramanjaneya Swamy
N S Venkataramanjaneya Swamy
🏭 Agro Foresty, Davanagere
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Meet Dr. Venkata Ramanjaneya Swami N. S., a distinguished forestry expert with an honorary agriculture doctorate. In South India, he cultivated mahogany and earned numerous state, national, and international accolades.
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About N S Venkataramanjaneya Swamy

Dr. Ramanjaneya, a distinguished senior farmer from Satyanarayan Palya, Davanagere, may have only completed his SSLC, but his agricultural journey is a testament to his remarkable achievements. He transformed barren land in Central Karnataka, Davanagere, into a thriving forest garden. A notable achievement was his successful cultivation of Mahogany, a first in South India. His agricultural prowess earned him numerous accolades at State, National and International levels. What makes...

... Dr. Ramanjaneya exceptional is not just his accolades but also his unique path. He entered agriculture at a young age. Initially relying on chemical farming, he later transitioned to sustainable, natural farming methods. Today, he enjoys the fruits of his labour, living like a king within his agricultural empire. His journey serves as an inspiring example of how dedication and a shift towards sustainable practices can turn even a struggling student into a celebrated agricultural innovator.

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