Nagaraja Shetty
Nagaraja Shetty
Nagaraja Shetty
📍 Mangalore / Mangaluru, Karnataka
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Meet Mr. Nagaraja Shetty, the visionary owner of Sapthagiri poultry farm. Having started with a mere 1,000 chickens, he now looks at over 20,000 chickens, taking on challenges and triumphing over them. Learn from his remarkable poultry farming journey.
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About Nagaraja Shetty

Nagaraja Shetty, a remarkable agriculturist and diploma engineering graduate. His incredible achievements in farming serve as an inspiration to all. His dedication has earned him an honorary doctorate, a true testament to his success. Instead of seeking employment after his education, he ventured into farming on his 2-acre land. With dairy farming as a stepping stone, he...

... introduced innovation by embracing chicken farming. Nagaraja Shetty's success in this venture has brought him substantial annual income. With 7 years of poultry farming experience, he has successfully raised and sold numerous batches of chickens. Through hard work and determination, Nagaraja Shetty of Mangalore has emerged as an agricultural leader, showcasing the potential of farming.

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