Prakash K
Prakash K
Prakash K
🏭 Punya Koti Farm, Kolar
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Meet Mr. Prakash K, a farmer in Kolar, who successfully grows colorful capsicums. He is an expert in vegetable farming, dairy farming, and greenhouse fabrication. Learn the secrets of farming from him and become successful.
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About Prakash K

Contrary to the belief that multi-colored vegetables are exclusive to foreign lands, Prakash K stands as a remarkable example. He has emerged as a prosperous farmer, reaping an annual income of 10 lakhs through his cultivation of colored capsicums. Not only adept at growing vegetables, but Prakash K also excels in dairy farming, nursery farming, and constructing greenhouses. His expertise...

... extends to cultivating pulses such as color capsicum, green chillies, and tomatoes. Beyond cultivation, he possesses an in-knowledge of diverse selling avenues, including direct selling, online platforms, as well as wholesale and retail distribution of vegetables. In recognition of his exceptional achievements in agriculture, Prakash K has been honored with the esteemed "Best Farmer" award.

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