Prasanna D Souza
Prasanna D Souza
Prasanna D Souza
📍 Mangalore / Mangaluru, Karnataka
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Mushroom Farming
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Meet Prasanna D'Souza, a mushroom cultivation expert renowned for pioneering compact setups. His expertise in cultivation, marketing, sales, and value addition has been featured in various national newspapers. Learn and thrive under his guidance.
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About Prasanna D Souza

Prasanna D'Souza is a seasoned expert in Mushroom Cultivation, specializing in compact setups. With years of experience, he's excelled in milky mushroom farming, yielding impressive incomes. Recognized by Alwas Educational Institute, he received the Best Mushroom Grower Award for his pioneering...

... agricultural strides. National newspapers have featured his accomplishments, highlighting his expertise in milky and oyster mushroom cultivation, marketing, sales, and value addition. As a mentor, Prasanna D'Souza shares his wealth of experience, making him the go-to for successful mushroom growth.

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