Sheik Khaleed
Sheik Khaleed
Sheik Khaleed
🏭 Sky Organic Fish Farming, Udupi
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Meet Sheikh Khaleed, a renowned figure in Bio Flock Fish Farming. His pioneering Biofloc System techniques have made him a significant figure in Karnataka where he has earned millions. Learn from his unparalleled expertise.
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About Sheik Khaleed

Sheikh Khalid Biofloc, hailing from Udupi, Karnataka, has become a prominent figure in the area of tilapia fish farming. After completing his studies he decided not to delay pursuing his profound passion for agriculture and leaped into the entrepreneurial sphere. Khalid's deep-rooted connection to a farming family fueled his drive for Biofloc Tilapia Fish Farming. His relentless dedication made him...

... successful in this domain. Despite hailing from a coastal region where fish farming predominantly revolves around marine varieties, Mr. Khaled shifted his focus to Tilapia. Through his innovative strategies and the implementation of a biofloc system, he has carved a niche for himself in Karnataka. His fish supply extends across the region, resulting in substantial earnings that run into lakhs of rupees.

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