Vasikarla Seshu Kumar
Vasikarla Seshu Kumar
Vasikarla Seshu Kumar
🏭 Lakshmi Priya Organic Farm, Suryapet
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Meet Vasikarla Seshu Kumar, a farmer from Telangana, known for his remarkable success in integrated farming. An award-winning "Best Farmer" who grows organic crops and produces Vermi Compost for sustainable agriculture. Connect and learn from his expertise.
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About Vasikarla Seshu Kumar

Vasikarla Seshu Kumar, hailing from the Suryapet district of Telangana state, has achieved remarkable success through integrated farming on his 1.5-acre land. After obtaining his agricultural degree, his passion for farming led him to establish ""Lakshmi Priya Organic Farm"" on this plot. With the addition of sheep farming, chicken, and mushroom farming, he cultivates a diverse range of fifty crops using organic methods. His...

... innovative approach serves as an inspiration to many. One noteworthy aspect of his farming is the production of Vermi Compost, achieved without the use of any harmful chemicals. Recognizing his exceptional contributions, he was honored with the ""Best Farmer"" award. Seshu Kumar ardently advocates for the adoption of integrated farming practices among all farmers, believing it to be the key to enhancing both crop yields and profitability.

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