Vishu Kumar T N
Vishu Kumar T N
Vishu Kumar T N
🏭 Gandhada Gudi , Chikmagalur
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Meet Vishu Kumar, the sandalwood farmer from Chikkamagaluru. His unwavering passion and 45-acre sandalwood success story have made him a renowned expert, nationally and internationally, with accolades like the Rajyotsava and Salumara Thimmakka awards. Learn from his remarkable journey.
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About Vishu Kumar T N

Vishu Kumar, a Sandalwood farmer from Tarikere in Chikkamagaluru district, started in the industry after his studies, achieving wealth and success. Despite the allure of other ventures, his passion for sandalwood cultivation prevailed. Today, his dedication has led to tremendous success, earning him millions from cultivating sandalwood on 45 acres....

... Renowned not only in his homeland but also in Madhya Pradesh and Africa, he's famous for Karunada Sandalwood cultivation abroad. He extends his expertise by cultivating sandalwood on others' land. Proficient in cultivating various crops, Vishu Kumar has garnered awards, including the Rajyotsava award and the Salumara Thimmakka International Green Award.

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