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Meet Yashika K. M, a professional baker with six years of experience. Known as a master baker, she makes unique and delicious cake varieties, all of which exhibit her mastery in the art of baking. Let's connect and learn!
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About Yashika

Yashika KM, an accomplished home business entrepreneur, transitioned from a lucrative overseas job to establish a successful bakery enterprise in Mysore. Despite challenges posed by COVID-19, Yashika adeptly adapted, shifting to a home-based bakery model. With a repertoire of 10 to 15 delectable cake varieties, Yashika thrived by leveraging...

... 6 years of bakery experience. Expertise spans crafting mouthwatering cakes, offline and social media sales strategies, comprehensive marketing, pricing, packaging, storage insights, and navigating governmental regulations. Yashika's journey exemplifies resilience and proficiency in transforming a passion into a thriving homemade business.

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