Course Trailer: Dairy Farming Course - Earn Rs 1.5 lakh/month from 10 cows. Watch to know more.

Dairy Farming Course - Earn upto Rs 1.5 Lakh/Month from 10 Cows

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4 hr 5 min (13 Chapters)
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About course

Welcome to our comprehensive dairy farming course, where we offer an extensive curriculum to teach you everything you need to know about starting and running a successful dairy farming business. Are you looking to channel your passion for dairy farming into a lucrative business that can earn you up to Rs 1.5 lakhs per month from just 10 cows? Look no further than our course, which is guaranteed to guide you through every aspect of dairy farming from start to finish.

We'll take you through the basics of animal husbandry, from selecting the right breed of cows and managing their health to advanced business strategies that maximize profits. Our expert instructors provide step-by-step guidance, sharing practical tips and insights from years of experience in the field.

What sets our course apart is the exclusive success stories from top industry mentors who have transformed their small-scale operations into large-scale, profitable ventures. Meet Nagraj Pai, Dilip, Chaitanya, Varun, and Abhilash, all of whom have successfully scaled up their operations and diversified their income streams by selling byproducts of milk.

Our industry mentors are a goldmine of knowledge and will share their insider tips and tricks on scaling up and building a profitable business, including how to turn cow dung into a valuable revenue stream. Whether you're an aspiring dairy farmer or an experienced entrepreneur, our course offers something for everyone, and the best part is that you can access it all on the ffreedom app.

So why wait? Enrol today, and let our expert guidance and industry mentorship take you on a journey towards financial freedom and success in the lucrative dairy farming industry. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best and turn your passion for dairy farming into a thriving business.

Chapters in this course
13 Chapters | 4 hr 5 min
11m 51s
Chapter 1

Learn about dairy farming and its potential profitability

22m 26s
Chapter 2
Meet your mentor

Get to know your experienced mentors and their success stories

11m 4s
Chapter 3
Dairy Farming- Basic Questions

Get answers to basic questions about dairy farming

24m 42s
Chapter 4
Capital requirements, Loan, Government Facilities & Insurance

Understand the capital requirements, loans, government facilities, and insurance available to dairy farmers

27m 52s
Chapter 5
Choosing a location and agreement

Learn how to choose the right location and negotiate agreements for your dairy farm

13m 36s
Chapter 6
Registrations, Permissions, Licenses & Ownership

Understand the necessary registrations, permissions, licenses, and ownership requirements

18m 46s
Chapter 7
Equipments & Other Requirements

Discover the essential equipment and other requirements for your dairy farm

19m 24s
Chapter 8
Food, Water & Shed Requirements for cattle?

Learn about the food, water, and shed requirements for your cattle

20m 36s
Chapter 9
Disease management for cattle

Gain insights into disease management for your cattle

17m 37s
Chapter 10
Staff hiring & Management

Learn how to hire and manage staff for your dairy farm

7m 47s
Chapter 11
Marketing & Branding

Understand the basics of marketing and branding your dairy products

29m 5s
Chapter 12
Attracting more customers & Online & Home Delivery

Learn how to attract more customers through online and home delivery services

18m 27s
Chapter 13
Pricing, Expenses & Profit

Understand pricing, expenses, and profit margins in the dairy farming business

Who can take up this course?
  • Farmers looking for new income streams
  • Aspiring dairy farm business owners
  • Individuals or mention a specific category of people interested in modern dairy farming technologies
  • Entrepreneurs seeking to invest in the industry
  • Students pursuing a career in dairy farming
What will you learn from the course?
  • How to start a business, including choosing the right cows, managing their health, and setting up a milking system
  • How to market and sell dairy products, including milk, cheese, and other byproducts of milk
  • Advanced business strategies for scaling up your dairy farming operation and maximizing profits
  • Practical skills in animal husbandry, such as feeding, breeding, and disease management
  • Environmental and sustainability practices for dairy farming, including manure management and pasture management
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Dairy Farming Course - Earn Rs 1.5 lakh/month from 10 cows
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Get certified on completing a course. Each course will earn you a certificate that will help you display your newly gained skills.

Dairy Farming Course - Earn upto Rs 1.5 Lakh/Month from 10 Cows

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