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Zero Waste Juice Shop - Low Investment But Triple Profit

A zero-waste juice shop is a sustainable business with low investment and the potential for high profit.

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  • 1

    8m 49s

  • 2
    Meet Your Mentor


  • 3
    Zero Waste Juice Center- Basic Questions

    13m 57s

  • 4
    Capital Required, Loan, Government Support & Insurance

    13m 14s

  • 5
    Choosing a Location

    12m 45s

  • 6
    Procurement of Raw Materials

    28m 7s

  • 7
    Equipment & Staff Hiring

    23m 40s

  • 8
    Branding, Marketing & Pricing

    25m 2s

  • 9
    Expenses & Profit

    4m 57s

  • 10
    Challenges & Suggestions by Mentor

    7m 24s


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