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Bakery/Sweet Business Course - Earn 5 lakh/month

You too can start a successful bakery or sweet business and earn 5 lakhs per month.

How to Start Bakery/Sweet Business?
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  • 1
    Why Bakery and Sweet Business?

    11m 50s

  • 2
    Mentor introduction

    16m 31s

  • 3
    What should a bakery and a sweet business plan look like?

    25m 10s

  • 4
    Bakery and Sweet Business have to be capitalized?

    12m 21s

  • 5
    Choice of location for bakery and sweet business

    10m 20s

  • 6
    Chef and other workers

    12m 24s

  • 7
    How is the price scheduled?

    10m 10s

  • 8
    Customer Service

    13m 46s

  • 9
    Online and Home Delivery

    4m 33s

  • 10
    Purchasing, inventory and waste management

    6m 54s

  • 11
    Equipment and technology

    7m 6s

  • 12
    Operation cost

    8m 18s

  • 13
    How to manage finances?

    8m 32s

  • 14
    Challenges and Risk Management

    14m 58s

  • 15



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