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Honey Bee Farming Course - Earn Over 50 Lakh Per Year

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4 hrs 40 mins (15 Chapters)
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Are you ready to turn your passion for bees into a profitable career? Look no further than our Honey Bee Farming Course on the ffreedom app! This Honey Bee Farming Course covers everything from the basics of beekeeping to advanced techniques for maximizing honey production and earning over 50 Lakh per year. Our expert instructors have years of experience in the field and are dedicated to providing you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. You'll learn about the biology of bees, how to properly maintain hives, and how to harvest and process honey. You'll also learn about the latest innovations in beekeeping, Is bee farming profitable in India, and how to market your products to customers. In addition to the comprehensive course materials, you'll have access to interactive quizzes, hands-on projects, and a community of like-minded bee enthusiasts. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your own beekeeping business in India or an experienced beekeeper looking to take your operation to the next level, this course has something for you. Enroll now and discover the sweet rewards of a career in beekeeping. Join our Honey Bee Farming Course on the ffreedom app and start your journey to financial freedom today!

Chapters in this course
15 Chapters | 4 hrs 40 mins
11m 34s
Chapter 1

Learn the basics of starting and maintaining a bee colony

22m 58s
Chapter 2
Meet your mentors

Gain insight and knowledge from experienced beekeepers

8m 47s
Chapter 3
Why bee keeping business?

Understand the potential benefits and opportunities in the industry

17m 36s
Chapter 4
Capital, ownership, registration

Learn about the financial aspects of starting a beekeeping business

20m 56s
Chapter 5
Importance of safety in bee keeping business

Discover the precautions and protocols for safe beekeeping practices

17m 43s
Chapter 6
How did you prepare yourself to start bee keeping?

Learn about the necessary steps and considerations before starting a bee colony

28m 26s
Chapter 7
Sourcing different types of bees

Explore the options for obtaining bees for your colony

12m 35s
Chapter 8
Different varieties of bees

Learn about the various types of bees and their characteristics

30m 36s
Chapter 9
Seasonality in bee farming

Understand the seasonal fluctuations and their impact on beekeeping

9m 20s
Chapter 10
Manpower requirements

Learn about the personnel and skill sets needed for beekeeping operations

30m 54s
Chapter 11
Infrastructure & logistics

Discover the equipment and logistics required for beekeeping

13m 34s
Chapter 12
Byproducts of bee farming

Learn about the potential products and uses of bee farming beyond honey

28m 46s
Chapter 13
Marketing & distribution

Understand the strategies and channels for promoting and selling bee products

10m 36s
Chapter 14

Learn about the financial metrics for evaluating the success of a beekeeping business

15m 47s
Chapter 15
Government support

Learn about the resources and programs available for beekeepers from government agencies

Who can take up this course?
  • Beginners looking to start a career in beekeeping
  • Experienced beekeepers looking to expand their knowledge and skills
  • Entrepreneurs interested in starting their own beekeeping business
  • Farmers and landowners looking to diversify their income
  • Anyone with a passion for bees and a desire to learn about the industry
What will you learn from the course?
  • The basics of beekeeping, including bee biology and behaviour
  • How to properly set up and maintain bee hives
  • Techniques for maximizing honey production
  • How to harvest, process, and market honey and other bee products
  • Innovations in beekeeping and how to stay current with industry developments.
What's included when you buy the course?
Lifetime validity

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Self-paced learning

You can view the course videos at your convenience by downloading the entire course content on your mobile. Learn at your pace and from anywhere.

Meet your instructors
Madhukeshwara janaka hegde
Uttara Kannada / Karwar , Karnataka

Dr. Madhukeshwar Hegde, a distinguished bee farmer hails from Shirsi Taluk in Uttara Kannada District. Despite an 8th-grade education, he earned an honorary doctorate for his outstanding contributions in bee farming. He was also recognized through PM Modi's "Mann Ki Baat" program. From a past marked by struggle, he now owns assets worth 18 crores in bee farming. With determination and a 20,000 rupee loan, he embarked on his honey farming venture, which now flourishes, boasting products like Ghatta honey ghee that transcends borders. Awards adorn his accomplishments, and he imparts knowledge, uplifting new agricultural enthusiasts.

Apoorva B V
Bengaluru City / Bangalore City , Karnataka

Apoorva B V., hailing from Chitradurga, He began his journey with just two honey boxes, after 12 years it has now expanded to over 500 boxes under his role as the director of Honey Day Bee Farm. After completing his engineering degree, Apoorva delved into bee farming and wholeheartedly embraced technological advancements in this field. His story exemplifies how education and intelligence can pave the way for success. He not only mastered beekeeping but also shared his knowledge, transforming many lives through beekeeping. Apoorva's accomplishments include inspiring numerous individuals to generate substantial income through honey production. Today, Honey Day Bee Farms Ltd. stands as a testament to his achievements, spanning beekeeping, honey product creation, packaging, processing, and marketing. Apoorva's remarkable journey has garnered him prestigious awards such as the Best Urban Farmer Award from JKVK and the Deccan Erode Change Makers Award.

Lakshme Gowda
Bengaluru Rural / Bangalore Rural , Karnataka

Lakshme Gowda, a highly accomplished bee farmer with four decades of experience, hails from Kantena village in Doda Ballapur. Born into a modest family, his life took a transformative turn towards bee farming, inspired by his grandparents who were also beekeepers. Driven by a deep passion for honey, Lakshme embarked on his bee farming journey, ultimately becoming an expert in the field. Today, he stands as a seasoned farmer, practicing integrated farming that includes sheep and goat rearing, dairy farming, and earthworm fertilizer production in addition to honey cultivation. Operating under the banner of ""Savithamadhuana Integrated Farm,"" Lakshme has achieved significant financial success, particularly from his honey production, earning lakhs of rupees. His remarkable contributions have earned him the prestigious Krishi Pandit Award from the state government.

Mysuru / Mysore , Karnataka

Jayashankar is a truly extraordinary bee farmer, whose life journey has been a testament to resilience and determination. Despite grappling with financial constraints, Today, his bee farming enterprise stands as a shining example of success, boasting an impressive annual turnover of 3.5 crore rupees, consistently generating a profit of 50 lakh rupees each year. Jayashankar's expertise in the realm of bee farming is nothing short of versatile and exceptional. He has honed his skills in various critical facets of this intricate craft, including the art of relocating bee families into boxes, skillfully separating bee colonies, nurturing queen bees, expertly harvesting honey, and adeptly marketing honey products both online and offline.


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