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Integrated Farming Course - Earn All 365 Days From Farming

Harness the Power of Year-Round Farming and Reap the Benefits Every Day. Start Now!

How to do Integrated Farming in India
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  • 1
    Introduction to the Integrated Farming Course

    14m 52s

  • 2
    Mentors Introduction

    13m 17s

  • 3
    Why mixed farming?

    19m 1s

  • 4
    What should be the preparation for integrated farming?

    14m 34s

  • 5
    Capital and government benefits

    23m 35s

  • 6
    Types of integrated farming

    22m 55s

  • 7
    Comprehensive agriculture related sub-trades

    18m 7s

  • 8
    How to earn 365 days in integrated farming?

    20m 22s

  • 9
    The need for technology and water in integrated farming

    19m 17s

  • 10
    Integrated Farming, fertilizer and seasonal characterization

    21m 39s

  • 11
    Integrated Farming Market

    16m 15s

  • 12
    Sustainability, Growth and Challenges

    23m 36s


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