Chethan C
Chethan C
Chethan C
🏭 Chethan C Farm, Mysuru / Mysore
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Sheep & Goat Farming
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Meet Chetan.C, an experienced sheep farmer with 6-7 years experience in his stream. His expertise lies in a wide range of areas, such as breeding, nutrition, disease control, and marketing. Connect with him today!
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About Chethan C

Chetan C, an accomplished sheep farming expert, shifted gears from Civil Engineering to farming six years ago. His specialty lies in raising the rare "Banduru" sheep breed. Initially starting with just five sheep, Chetan realized the immense potential in sheep farming and expanded his flock to around 50, resulting in substantial earnings. With...

... expertise spanning breeding, shelter construction, nutrition, disease management, pricing, grading, marketing, and even export, Chetan serves as a valuable guide in the field. Additionally, he cultivates coconut and sapota across two acres. Notably, his agricultural excellence garnered him the esteemed "Yuva Ratna" award at the Mysore Agricultural Fair.

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