H. R Murthy
H. R Murthy
H. R Murthy
🏭 Green gold Farm , Mysuru / Mysore
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Meet H R Murthy, a farmer from Megaravalli. In Mysore, he transformed 30 acres of rough land into a lush farmland. His story illustrates the power of agribusiness and the potential of natural farming in India. Learn from his experiences.
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About H. R Murthy

HR Murthy, owner of Green Gold Farm and Chairman of Nesra Organic Trust in Mysore, is a renowned farmer practicing natural and mixed farming in Karnataka. His remarkable achievement includes transforming 30 acres of barren land into a thriving haven. Through his expertise, he cultivates nut, pepper, coconut, avocado, lemon, guava,...

... mango, sapota, tamarind, and various other fruit crops, alongside a variety of vegetables. Remarkably, he sells his produce directly to customers, turning his farm into a successful agribusiness venture. HR Murthy's vast knowledge of natural and mixed farming has led him to become both a successful agriculturist and a proficient farmer.

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