Manjunath R
Manjunath R
Manjunath R
🏭 Balaji Nursey, Tumakuru
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Meet Manjunath R, founder of Balaji Nursery. He is a macadamia nut expert farmer. He turned agriculture into a passion & cultivating the world's most expensive nuts. Connect and learn from his incredible achievements.
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About Manjunath R

Manjunath R, a former multitasker turned agricultural wizard. Starting from scratch, he mastered the art of cultivating the precious macadamia nuts. Now, this prized nut's cultivation is spreading in India, largely thanks to Manjunath's expertise. He goes to Nepal, Bhutan, and Myanmar to study their...

... techniques & emerge as a macadamia guru. With diligence, he transformed his 2-acre land into a macadamia heaven and a sprawling nursery with over 1500 fruit plant varieties. Not only does he sell these plants, but also imparts his deep knowledge, making him a beacon in macadamia and fruit tree cultivation.

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