P Mahesh Kumar
P Mahesh Kumar
P Mahesh Kumar
🏭 Swastika Enterpriser, ஹைதராபாத்
வழிகாட்டி பேசும் மொழி
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Meet P Mahesh Kumar, a dynamic entrepreneur from Hyderabad. In 2006, he founded "Swastika Enterprises," specializing in mushrooms and more. His success earned him the "Best MSME" award in 2020. Connect with him to learn and grow.
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P Mahesh Kumar பற்றிய விவரம்

Mahesh Kumar, a young and aspiring entrepreneur, originates from Hyderabad and has ventured into his deep-rooted passion for agriculture. In lieu of conventional employment, he embarked on an independent agricultural journey, establishing his very own farm with the altruistic goal of generating employment opportunities for a workforce of ten individuals. This vision materialized in 2006 when they commenced the cultivation of highly sought-after mushrooms,...

... capitalizing on their significant market demand. Through the utilization of online platforms, Mahesh Kumar effectively launched his enterprise, named "Swastika Enterprises," which not only supplies premium mushrooms but also a variety of value-added products nationwide. Beyond his prowess in mushroom cultivation, Mahesh Kumar delved into beekeeping & farming, a multifaceted approach that led to his accolade as the recipient of the esteemed "Best MSME" award in 2020.

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