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Candle Making Business Course - Earn 20 lakh/year

Light up your income with our Candle Making Business Course - earn up to 20 lakhs per year!

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Anyone wishing to establish their own business or grow their present can take advantage of this opportunity to enroll in the Candle Making Business Course - Earn 20 Lakh/Year. The candle industry is expanding, and there is a significant need for distinctive, premium candles that are trustworthy and useful. Regardless of prior knowledge, anyone can complete this course because it is practical.

Sri Vidya, an experienced mentor who runs her successful candle-making business, named Aura Candles and has more than ten years of experience working in the candle industry, and is the course's instructor.

This course covers the fundamentals of candlemaking and more advanced techniques for producing distinctive, high-quality candles. You will learn about the various candle varieties, supplies, tools, marketing strategies for candles, and how to establish a profitable business.

By enrolling in this course, you will be able to capitalize on the expanding candle market and establish a steady revenue stream. You will also have the option of working independently and from home.

Even though establishing a new business might be intimidating, this course is made to equip you with the knowledge and abilities you need to be successful. To fully appreciate the advantages of the course and discover the opportunities available, we strongly advise you to view the course video.


Who can take up this course?

  • Those seeking to escape the routine of a typical job

  • An artist seeking to expand their mediums

  • Someone who enjoys DIY projects, crafting, and interior design

  • Stay-at-home parents or individuals seeking to earn extra income

  • Entrepreneurs looking to explore new opportunities


What will you learn from this course?

  • Techniques to enhance the aesthetic appeal of candles

  • Tips on how to market and sell your candles

  • Understanding of the candle industry and trends

  • How to make different types of candles

  • Safety guidelines and regulations for candle making



  • Introduction to Candle Making: Discover the art of candle making and find your passion.

  • Meet Your Mentor: Meet your mentor to navigate the candle-making journey.

  • Crafting a Winning Business Plan: Develop a solid business plan to ensure success.

  • Diversifying Your Candle Selection: Explore different types of candles and find your niche.

  • Finding the Perfect Location for Your Business: Choose the perfect location for your candle-making business.

  • Navigating Legal and Supply Requirements: Understand the legal and supply requirements for starting your own business.

  • Hands-on Candle Making Techniques: Gain hands-on experience in candle making.

  • Marketing, Branding and Packaging: Learn how to market, brand, and package your candles to stand out.

  • Maximizing Profits and Retaining Customers: Maximize profits and retain customers for long-term success.

  • Overcoming Challenges and Staying Ahead in the Industry: Overcome challenges and stay ahead in the competitive candle-making industry.



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