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Home Bakery Business-Start With Just RS 20000 Of Investment

This is an excellent way to begin your baking experience and create delicious baked goods in your kitchen.

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The course on the ffreedom app teaches individuals how to start and run a profitable home bakery business. The course covers the fundamentals of starting a home bakery, including the equipment and ingredient needs, legal and financial issues, and how to advertise and publicize the company using online platforms like social media and delivery applications.

The course also covers how to control food costs and price the product to maximize profit. One of the key benefits of a home bakery business is the ability to work from home and the flexibility it provides, which eliminates the need for costly rent, utilities, or staff for a physical storefront. Additionally, by operating through online platforms, businesses can reach a wider customer base and increase revenue through delivery and takeout orders.

The course also teaches about the various baked goods that can be made at home and how to create unique and delicious recipes that will attract customers. It also covers the various methods of packaging, storing, and delivering baked goods to customers. On the ffreedom app, individuals can learn to start a profitable home bakery business with the guidance of a successful mentor, Sneha Narang. 

The course provides valuable information on the home bakery investment cost, legal, financial, and operational aspects of the business, as well as strategies for marketing and promoting the business through online channels. By taking this course, individuals can learn how to start and operate a profitable home bakery business and turn their passion for baking into a successful business venture.

Who Can Take Up The Course?

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a baked goods business

  • Current bakery owners looking to expand their business to a home bakery

  • Individuals looking to supplement their income by starting a part-time or side business in the food industry

  • People who are trying to scale their business and seeking new business models to start a home bakery business

  • Home bakers who want to take their hobby to the next level


What Will you Learn From The Course?

  • Equipment and ingredients required to set up a home bakery business

  • The legal and financial aspects of starting a home bakery business

  • Strategies for marketing and promoting the company using social media and food delivery applications

  • Strategies for controlling food costs and prices to improve profits

  • Creating unique and delicious recipes that will attract customer



  • Introduction:Learn the fundamentals of starting a home bakery with the ffreedom app.

  • Meet your mentor: Get expert guidance from a successful home baker.

  • Who can start a home bakery business?: Understand the qualifications and requirements to launch your own business.

  • Capital requirement, license, ownership, government support, registration: Get a handle on the financial and legal aspects of starting a home bakery.

  • Manpower requirement and resource management: Gain insights into effectively managing your workforce and resources for your home bakery business.

  • Customer service: Learn how to provide excellent customer service and build customer loyalty for your home bakery business.

  • Marketing and location: Learn how to promote and advertise your home bakery effectively.

  • Day in life of home baker: Understand the challenges and joys of running a home-based baking business, from managing inventory to dealing with customer feedback.

  • Pricing, equipment and technology: Get tips on pricing your products and the equipment and technology you'll need for your home bakery business.

  • Cost, finance and accounts: Discover the best ways to manage costs and finances for your home bakery business.

  • Challenges, risk management, and conclusion: Learn how to navigate challenges and mitigate risks for your home bakery business.



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