Ramachandran A G
Ramachandran A G
Ramachandran A G
🏭 Aravind Gaushala India Pvt. Ltd., Krishnagiri
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Meet G. Ramachandra, a seasoned farmer from Tamil Nadu. He chose farming over a regular job, transitioning from traditional dairy farming to successful animal husbandry. His success can be attributed to his hard work, dedication and innovative approach to farming.
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About Ramachandran A G

Ramachandra, a seasoned farmer and senior Jersey cow breeder, hails from Aravinda Nagar in Tamil Nadu. Opting for farming over conventional employment after his diploma, he transformed his father's hilly land into an agricultural haven, naming it after his son, Arvind. Departing from traditional practices, he diversified into cattle and bird rearing, building a remarkable...

... 150-acre empire. His expertise covers Jersey, HF, Geer, Sahiwal, Punganur breeds, plus camels, donkeys, rabbits, and more. Ducks, turkeys, and various chicken breeds thrive here. Agarwood cultivation and nursery efforts also flourish. Ramachandra opens his doors for agricultural enthusiasts, offering both lodging and training, making his land an all-encompassing agricultural marvel.

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