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IPO Course - Sow your money, Grow your money!

Investing in an IPO is a successful opportunity with long-term and exceptional returns.

What is IPO
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  • 1

    9m 37s

  • 2
    Must know facts

    14m 27s

  • 3
    Terminologies associated with IPO

    8m 38s

  • 4
    Types of IPO

    3m 25s

  • 5
    How the price of a share determined?

    3m 50s

  • 6
    Eligibility norms required to invest in IPO

    3m 20s

  • 7
    8 Steps to invest in IPO

    12m 58s

  • 8
    Best practices to follow while investing in IPO

    3m 37s

  • 9
    IPO Investment strategy

    9m 20s

  • 10
    How to assess the fundamentals of a company?

    13m 26s


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